Welcome to Rethread London

Where we transform your old clothes by reviving them into a new life.

Its the perfect way to keep up with the latest trends while still being sustainable.

Fast Fashion & Wastage





Do you want new clothes
without damaging the

  The Upcycling Process 

Step 1:

You give us your old clothes

Step 2:

We help you design your new upcycled clothes

Step 3:

We bring your design to life

Step 4:

We ship your new clothes back

Our Story

In the summer of 2020 when everyone was going through challenging times, locked in their homes due to coronavirus, I was researching fast fashion and started becoming more aware of the huge impact it has on the environment.

I started imagining a world where people could update their wardrobes out of the things they already owned. This inspiration gave birth to my brand Rethread with a passionate desire to help people move away from fast fashion, reduce wastage and be more sustainable.

Rethread is a platform where people can give their old clothes and we upcycle them into something new. We can even offer design ideas to give a modern and trendy look to your old fashioned clothes.

Sana xxx